The Best Banned Commercials Compilation 2016 By Viral Empire featuring the Best ads ever!

Here are the most awesome, funniest, sexiest and plain outrageous commercials you will ever see on TV! We have compiled them together in one video so you can see what ridiculous banned ads that people actually come up with!


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Some funny commercials featured in our video include:
1. Hilarious durex and condom ads.
2. The famous robot sexy commercial and skittles advertisements.
3. Funny Thai condom commercial featuring sexy dancers.
4. Hilarious lose weight and Wii fit advertisements that will make you laugh.
5.Commercials and ads for vacuum cleaners, carls jr tex mex commercial, superbowl commercials and many more!
6. Super funny japanese commercial featuring a woman that looks like a man after removing her makeup.
7. Axe super player use in moderation TV commercial
8. Funny and sexy bondage vodka ads.
9. Dropping soap bar in the shower next to two tattooed dudes commercial.
10. Dulux test hilarious advertisement of wife changing different roleplay uniforms
11. LG kompressor plus vacuum funny model advertisement commercial.
12. 4$ Cool Beer Commercial.
13. Funny russian commercial in the office.
14. Hilarious bud light advertisement for apology.
15. Banned Naked Condom Commercial with nude ads.
16. Top 5 pepsi commercials featuring carls jr tex mex commercial with beautiful models playing volleyball on the beach.

These are definitely the best ads of 2016 and I hope you enjoy watching our viral banned superbowl commercials that will make you laugh. Hope you enjoy our funniest viral ads commercials 2016 from around the globe!