A “The Taste Is In The Shape” rap jingle sets the tone for a wild series of visuals, all hosted by a kid in a Honey Comb baseball jersey. Here’s my best attempt to cover the variety of subjects:

-Children, toting boxes of cereal, surround a milk fountain in a multi-level shopping mall

-A boy’s mouth opens to reveal a full-size cereal bowl, which is simultaneously filled with Honey Combs and milk

-A crew, carrying a gigantic, empty cereal bowl passes another group with an equivalently large box of Honey Combs

-Black & white photographs are torn to make facial features interchangeable, yielding hilarious results

-The same big box/bowl groups accomplish their desired result and fill their bowl with Honey Combs

-A waterfall of milk sends intermittent groups of Honey Combs down to its lower level

-A camera captures the precise moment that a spoonful of cereal enters a kid’s mouth, from inside

-Dozens of children with yellow t-shirts form the shape of a Honey Comb together

-A boy & girl’s entire kitchen shatters behind them to reveal a Honey Comb

-A Brady Bunch style, nine box sequence features all of the participants being spoon-fed

-A piggy bank, covered in Honey Comb stickers erupts with cereal pieces

-The “Honey Comb Hideout” returns, complete with the robot from the original commercials

-Kids install seven loud speakers in the gaps of a large Honey Comb and jam out

-A gust of wind perfectly fills a box with its cereal, and closes itself

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