I’ve seen some dumb things in my life, but this takes the cake!

The third grade world geography question is Budapest is the capital of what European country Budapest is the capital of what European country nathan has already locked in this might be a stupid question I’m guessing it’s probably going to be alright I thought Europe was a country let’s see Buddhist Budapest and Aran heard of that all right here’s your here’s your options I mean you could drop out with $10,000 I got nine I speak French there don’t lay like I want to say is France a country I don’t know what I’m doing you know what let’s let’s talk let’s talk about your options okay Cal focus I am like I’m listening to what you’re saying but I only hear what I want to that’s

Just called being a woman

Let’s talk about this I really want you to get the $25,000 because no matter what happens after that you’re walking out of here with $25,000 charity so dude I gotta think what’s best for them let’s say I’m just going to if you had to guess do it at a gift do you have a guess I don’t think France is a country that I would have said that I don’t know I don’t know I just have a glance at about France here’s a country I will tell you that if you had said France you would have gone home with nothing well not the right answer the right answer is hungry is what hungry hungry like I’m hungry that’s the country I’ve heard of turkey hungry never heard of it