Hi good boy that comfortable buddy Oh cute one do you like sweet orange ah ha ha no he’s anybody hungry anybody sleepy anybody highly overweight hey fluffy I’m gonna eat all your treats this is how I kiss doggies covered it with water covered it with cat treats then guess what what I gave it to the cat if you stop fighting I’ll give you a treat come on Oh Gregor come on Oh those I’m what we’re going to do is get Suzy to have a little talk sirs about alien burgers how well she’s done today and what else she does with them so I’m tell my dog sits here drink up get the drink back reg’ment the bear the bear remember little bit better hands up bang who’s your best friend yeah who’s your best friend this does not make sense whatsoever okay you gotta look good for this picture one two three smile and really bloated today got it no no pants naked take a look at what if you lose weight on your fall or Kaiser Maya show me your smile smile oh so here’s a Charlie the mad puppy doesn’t like when people touch him